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3D Mascots Mira & Yuki

Task: create virtual mascots to represent your companies in social networks and metaverses
About the project
Mira is a mascot of the CyberFox Team, and her brother Yuki is a mascot of AVS Consulting, our closest partner. The mascots developed by top creative talents of our team, who with this project aimed to show the maximum of our skills and expertise in 3D character modeling and Web3D
How it works
From inspiration to installation — 2.5 months
  • Fully rigged 3D models
  • 100% hand-painted textures
  • Hair, tail, clothing physics imitation
  • WebXR and metaverse-ready VRM avatars
  • 50+ face shapekeys for facetracking
Principles, history, technologies
Germany, Armenia, Malaysia