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Business cases & demos

Wheelchairs 3D Editor for Spex

Task: to create a 3D editor in which you can select, configure, visualize and order wheelchairs
Since 1990, Spex Seating has been manufacturing chairs for children and adults with severe disabilities. Each chair is created for a specific person, taking into account hundreds of parameters: anthropometry, individual structural features, the requirements of the treatment process and personal preferences. The company's products allow you to cope with everyday physical, functional and cognitive problems. Maintain activity and efficiency both at home and in society.
When we first checked out our new headphones, we noticed the box said 'improved bass by cool. We had to wonder, is this marketing jargon, or the real thing? But it only took a moment to realize that bass was not kidding.
3D sportswear configurator for Nolt
Task: Create a 3D sportswear configurator with cost calculation and ordering
Nolt is a French manufacturer of affordable recycled sportswear. Founded by fellow enthusiasts Olivier Gigonis and Paul-Emmanuel Guinard in the spring of 2020
Online game for the Nickelodeon TV channel
Task: Develop an educational and entertaining online game for a children's TV channel
Baby sharks big show is an online children's game for the gaming portal of the Nickelodeon TV channel. Helps develop imagination, educate and entertain toddlers.
It is difficult to imagine a child who does not like to draw, paint pictures and make things with his own hands.
why use 3D & VR

3D configurators help the user to feel the product and make the IKEA effect* work

How to increase sales, reduce the number of checkout errors, refusals and abandoned carts? Increase interest and engagement with the help of a 3D configurator — visitors can set up a complex product themselves and find out its price without contacting sales or support
  • Up to 40% more conversion
  • Average bill up to 50% more
*IKEA effect
A cognitive bias that occurs when customers disproportionately value the value of products that they create partially themselves (for example, assembled from parts)
Where can 3D configurators be used

If a product has a large number of variations — sizes, parameters, colors, materials, shape, options, etc. At the same time, you need to show it from all sides, disassemble it and show hidden parts or functions - the 3D configurator will become a growth point for your business

and shoes
Auto cars
and tuning
Wheel discs
Presents and souvenirs
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