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3D label editor for a pharmaceutical company

Task: to develop an application for creating labels with a 3D demonstration of the result in real time. Integrate it into the ERP system
About the project
Pharmaceutical companies produce a huge range of drugs. And drugs come in different dosages, volumes, forms of release, and so on. Each package needs its own label. To create labels quickly and in large quantities, you can hire dozens of designers. Establish their work, and then constantly monitor the result.

And you can make an online editor in which even a non-designer can work. All that is required is to create a set of ready — made templates for different labels. In such an editor, the employee only has to add the changeable information — and send the file for printing!
First, it's transparent
All labels are made according to developed and agreed upon templates, which means that they are always made correctly. You only need to control the changeable information that is added to the finished template
Second, convenient
The result can be controlled immediately in the viewing window
You can expand the viewport to full screen. Zoom in, rotate the packaging and see it from all sides, increase the quality of the demonstration to HD, take a screenshot
Roles separation
There are two kinds of users. The first is an ordinary label editor. Each editor has a personal account where his sketches and ready-made labels are stored. The second is administrators. They can create original label templates.

This approach helps to reduce administrative costs, reduce the importance of communication, and keep the system in a consistent state
What have we done
  • Developed 3D packaging models
  • Designed the product architecture
  • Designed interfaces
  • Developed a label configurator
  • Developed personal accounts for the editor and administrator
  • Integrated into the customer's ERP system
Principles, history, technologies
Germany, Armenia, Malaysia