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Shaders and landing page for Sbercloud

Task: To develop a landing page for Sbercloud, the key graphic element of which will be 3D point clouds with animated transitions between them
About the project
Sbercloud — is a cloud provider of IaaS and PaaS services for individuals, startups, small, medium, large businesses, government agencies and corporations. It offers more than 60 cloud services, a virtual data center, a full-cycle ML development platform based on two Christofari and Christofari Neo supercomputers
How it happened
The customer came to us with an almost finished concept and a set of references for the website of his new product. The result was needed as soon as possible. In one week, it was necessary to develop an adaptive website with interactive 3D animations.

After studying the references, together with the customer, we decided to create 3D clouds of animated points in the form of various shapes. Clouds can be interacted with using the mouse cursor. When scrolling the page, the shapes should transform into one another with the help of beautiful effects
There were no ready-made solutions. But we coped with the task and met the deadlines. We had to fully develop the models themselves, their behavior, user interaction, algorithms for the movement of particles, their flickering, appearance and disappearance, to simulate the processes of explosion and assembly of figures.

In one week, we put together a landing page and created 3D clouds. Another week was spent on approvals and improvements. The project was launched two weeks later
What have we done
  • Developed a landing page according to the customer's design
  • Created cloud models from 3D points
  • Developed algorithms for animation, interaction and transitions of points and shapes
  • Developed GLSL shaders for displaying point clouds
Principles, history, technologies
Germany, Armenia, Malaysia